The Transformation of Our Planet Using Biofuels

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Despite the minor setbacks of biofuels in the beginning, with some time and dedication biofuels will be worth converting over to from oil. Converting over to biofuels will eventually change life as Americans know it. It will transform society into a much more energy efficient, green, and healthy place to grow as humans. Unfortunately, many people argue that converting from oils over to biofuels is a waste of time, and will later have no effect on the planet. However, research shows that if the people in general society start working together and changing the way they live their lives one by one, those individuals will eventually create a positive change for the world. Converting over to biofuels is worth it, but will only be worth it if society changes before something disastrous happens and it is too late. The conversion from oil to biofuels is mandatory in order to preserve the planet in the best way possible. Oil results in environmental pollution which affects the communities that are reliant on the ocean for food and the fishing industry. Oil can also affect plants and animals in ways that cannot be undone, it destroys natural habitats, manipulates the structure of organisms, and destroys species in some cases (Fossil Fuels). Now that Americans have been exposed to oil there is no getting rid of it, and the consequences it has have already taken effect on the surrounding. However, there is a chance of slowing down the process. The resources used to make biofuels are created out of day-to-day agricultural products which are insanely inexpensive, and in some cases turn what people would consider waste into something that is helping the planet. Biofuels have little to no environmental impact, and instead of getting oil from ot... ... middle of paper ... of the earth. America would become more profitable, and humans wouldn’t suffer from as much toxins in the air. Most importantly, society would be moving forward technologically and advancing. There is now the choice of not moving forward, or being the catalyst of a green revolution. In order to preserve the planet and keep it healthy for future generations, it is going to take every single human being to make a difference. Works Cited "Biodiesel FAQ's." Biodiesel Americas Advanced Biofuel. National Biodiesel Board, 2014. Web. 21 May 2014. "Biodiesel: Pros & Cons |" Biodiesel: Pros & Cons. Green The Future, 2008. Web. 09 May 2014. "Fossil Fuels." EESI. Environmental and Energy Study Institute, 2013. Web. 22 May 2014. "Real Green Living." Green America: Living Green: The Benefits of Biodiesel. Green America, July-Aug. 2006. Web. 22 May 2014.

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