The Transformation Of The English Language

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Throughout the time there has been many languages yet none of them have been as dominant as the English language. This has raised some distress among the people fearing it will become the only language spoken in the world. Countless dialects have and will disappear and those that survive will be simplified by the usage of smaller vocabularies and less complex sentences. These changes were particular cause by the migration. This forced adults to learn new languages quickly but as a result, they were learning less of the language, opting for shorter sentences and not using any grammar rules. The future holds an increase of streamlined languages that will become easier to learn and will have the capacity to communicate in one widely accepted language that could be used as a second tongue. In this essay will discuss the idea that McWhorter has of how the English language will be the only idiom in the world.…show more content…
The modern English that is used today is actually a streamlined version of the Old English. Also migration had a great impact on how the language was simplified by often getting rid of irregular verbs and gendered objects. African slaves had a major influence on today’s English, they had to learn the new language fast. This becoming the source of a more simplified language because of the few words they learned and the basic sentences structures resulting on the Creole language. McWhorter states that Mandarin will not be the chief worldwide language because it’s complex and difficult for adults to learn. This with the idea of many other complex languages that won’t be able to surpass English as the main language because of those same reasons. In order for someone to learn Mandarin or other complex dialect they need to be born into it, the more people get old the harder it gets for them to transition from their native tongue to Mandarin or vice