The Transfer of heat.

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The Transfer of Heat What are conduction, convection, and radiation and how do we experience them in our everyday life? To answer this you must look at the laws of thermodynamics and heat transfer. There are three modes of heat transfer and you have probably already guessed that these modes are conduction, convection, and radiation. Without heat transfer our lives would be dramatically different, that is if we could even live in the conditions without the transfer of heat (which to me seems very unlikely). Throughout this paper I will discuss the need for heat transfer and the three main ways (conduction convection and radiation) of transferring that heat or energy; I will also keep you up to date on the definitions and examples of the three. Conduction is the transfer of heat by use of kinetic energy from one molecule to the, we have learned throughout life that metals and stones are great the best conductors, metals being above stone. Convection happens in a circular motion to liquid and gases, as they are heated the warmer parts move up and the cooler parts move down. To radiate, means to disperse heat or energy from a centralized location, radiation is a product of electromagnetic waves and I have read that objects with a higher temperature than zero degrees Kelvin emits radiation. The first law of thermodynamics states that heat or energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is always conserved. That is exactly what energy or heat transfer does, in this process a material with a higher heat/energy will pass some of the energy stored on to the next material or surrounding area. As stated in the definition the energy lost is always the same amount of energy gained by the surrounding systems. Let us say for exam... ... middle of paper ... ...ved April 27, 2014, from conduction. (n.d.). Merriam-Webster.Retrieved April 28, 2014, from convection. (n.d.). April 28,2014, from convection. (n.d.). Merrium-Webster.Retrieved April 27,2014, from What is Radiation?. (n.d.). What is Radiation?.Retrieved April 28,2014, from Chemical Thermodynamics. (n.d.). Energy, Enthalpy, and the first law of Thermodynamics. Retrieved April 28, 2014 from Heat transfer. (n.d.). Heat Transfer. Retrieved April 28, 2014, from http://hyper

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