The Trans World Airline Flight 800 Consirpacy

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On a calm New York evening 230 lives were lost. Innocent lives were aboard Trans World Airlines Flight 800 heading to Paris, France from John F. Kennedy international airport in New York, United States of America. According to Cable News Network, the Trans World Airline “exploded” into the Atlantic Ocean a short period after take of on the East coast of the United States around eight PM. (CNN 1) There are many mysteries about why this may have happened with three different standpoints. The government believes the plane simply had a malfunction that night, but some think differently. A percentage of Americans believe that missiles shot down Trans World Airlines flight 800 on that night by the United States government for unknown reasons by missiles.
Every single passenger died onboard the airline that crashed horribly into the Atlantic Ocean that night in 1996. No one is alive to ask what happened, or if anything was different about that night that could solve many mysteries about the investigation. An abundance of eyewitnesses say they seen missiles or “streaks of light” come at different places in the air to destroy the aircraft according to a documentary made by true investigators of the crash called “TWA Flight 800”. This leads the eyewitnesses to believe this could be a disaster caused mysteriously by the government in the order that the evidence goes and by the actions of the Federal Bureau of Investigations. The Federal Bureau of Investigations along with the Central Intelligence Agency claim after military and Trans World Airlines investigators had already taken action. The Federal Bureau of Investigations and Central Intelligence Agency came to the conclusions that the center fuel tank in the airplane exploded unkn...

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...rlines needs to be opened for investigation again. Something is not right about how the Federal Bureau of Investigations and Central Intelligence, not wanting to calm to the fears of Americans especially sense so many individuals seen the same “streaks of light, followed by an explosion” that night. There is radar imaging that shows that something traveled up to the airplane at Mach two speeds. In 1997 there was not as much advancement in computer engineering, and if they were to bring out the evidence they would be fascinated with what they could find now.
A memorial site has been established for the crash victims in honor of them. There is a stone that lists all of their names similar to the nine-eleven. To bring justice to these victims and their families, the case should be re-opened and be noticed from all of the petitions that are being filed to bring justice.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that there is no rumor about sabotage or a missile. they live on long island for 24 years and only 8 miles from the crash site.
  • Quotes d.a. walsh's statement that an eyewitness believes someone is trying to cover up the trans world airlines flight 800 crash.
  • Explains that trans world airlines flight 800 exploded into the atlantic ocean on a calm new york evening.
  • Describes how tom stalcup, a private researcher, took an interest in the case when he realized evidence wasn't adding up.
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