The Training Practices of Results-Oriented Leader, by Clinton O. Longenecker

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Clinton O. Longenecker wrote the article titled ‘The Training Practices of Results-Oriented Leaders’. It was published in the Industrial and Commercial Training Journal, Volume 39, Issue 7, in 2007. This article sets out to demonstrate that for many organizations, though training is becoming an important tool in improving organizational performance; front-line managers are often passive or indifferent on the issue of providing proper training to employees. The article addresses business leaders, human resource management, frontline managers and training professionals. In reviewing this article, the issues presented will be identified and analyzed so that further recommendations can be made.

Content of the Article

The author first spoke about the increasing need for organizations to produce better results and because of this, they sometimes overlook the competitive advantage to be gained from effectively training their employees Of the authors opinion was that less than optimal performance would be achieved if employees were just expected to know what to do and how to do it. He pointed out that managers, that ensure effective outcomes, must create a training system, and that workers must be educated to see that the big picture is paramount.

The article identified organizational leaders as being ultimately responsible for ensuring that people are properly prepared to perform and that this is critically important. A systems approach to training was introduced which forces organizations and managers to effectively plan the training and can be helpful in removing the causes of ineffective training. In further describin...

... middle of paper ... of the training for the employees.


In summary, I believe that readers will find this article to be very intriguing and enlightening as they analyze and examine each point made by the author. This is an important and noteworthy article that if taken into consideration by organizational leaders today will change their viewpoint on the effectiveness and priority of training their employees to improve organizational performance.


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