The Tragic Hero In Antigone, By Sophocles

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Aristotle’s definition of a tragic hero is someone who makes an improper judgment where their fate leads them to their own destruction. One of the most important and eye-catching tragic heroes in the play is Antigone, a strong woman who is determined to give her brother Polyneices the burial he needs. In the play Antigone, by Sophocles, the reader learns about how Antigone’s loyalty to the gods, her disloyalty to King Creon, and her stubbornness leads to her ruin through her heroic traits and tragic flaws.
Loyalty to the gods, one of Antigone’s heroic traits, causes her to listen and honor their every decision. She feels that although her brother Polyneices is seen as a traitor, it is up to her to give Polyneices the burial her family and
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She could be locked in the stone vault for committing this crime and King Creon would not be able to do anything but punish her. Being the woman King Creon’s son, Haimon is in love with, he cannot favor her over anyone else who has committed the crime. In this situation, Antigone lets her excessive hubris get the best of her. Even though she knew the consequences, she does not want to follow King Creon’s wishes. She also fails to realize how giving Polyneices the burial he should have had, would affect her sister Ismene. Antigone and Ismene’s views are seen as contradicting because Antigone does not mind the risk of getting caught. Ismene’s need to follow King Creon’s rules, is seen by the quote, “They mean a great deal to me; but I have no strength. To break laws were made for the public good,” (192). Ismene feels that breaking laws are not meant for women, and certainly not for her sister and her. She realizes that the King could do more than the gods, and that abiding by the rules keeps them out of trouble. The gods wishes would not get in the way of King Creon’s plan for Thebes. The two opposing statements show how Ismene lacks the loyalty her sister, Antigone has for the gods. She knows that backing away from the issue, and continuing on with their life would work. The meaning of Antigone’s stubbornness is not only about doing what she feels is right is, but it is about
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