The Tragedy of William Shakespeare's Hamlet

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The Tragedy of William Shakespeare's Hamlet

It seems that in this merciless mourning, I have opened

a tomb. And though my sight be of seeing, it is not as it

once was. For what I see is not with thine own eyes. It is

as death appears to those awake. A coldness, an emptiness,

that I cannot forsake.

Hope Saphos DeVenuto

A melody in literature is a language that Shakespeare uses freely in Hamlet with infinite variety. The imagery relates to us to create to the senses a realization of what is occurring as well as to kindle our responses. There are many interesting characters with invaluable opinions, a labyrinth of lines convoluting and mystifying, along with dramatic sarcasm. It is very effective in drawing the attention to certain characters that the audience will need to see more than others. If we really lend an ear to Hamlet's every word, we are drawn into an inward greatness of his spirit. Shakespeare created Hamlet as a highly intellectual being that can see through everything and everyone.

To see clearly through a stone is to see the profundity of truth.

Then ...
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