The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

The reference to Romeo and Juliet as 'star crossed lovers' hints that

Romeo and Juliet were meant to die together because it was their

destiny. Therefore this is what fate had planned for their lives, as

it was crossed through the stars (written in the stars). It suggests

Romeo and Juliet were just a small part if a bigger picture and their

love and death's spiralled on chain reaction within Verona. These

chain reactions caused bigger events to occur, such as the new

proclaimed brothership and friendship between Montague and Capulet,

"Oh brother Montague, give me thy hand" The cease of hatred between

Montague and Capulet would have made a huge difference to the city of

Verona. There would be less fighting and unnecessary hurt and pain due

to the family's feud. The city of Verona would have been more united.

Afterwards Montague and Capulet finally feel ashamed when they realise

what they have done. "Capulet, Montague. See what a scourge is laid

upon your hate that heaven finds means to kill your joys with love."

This makes the two men come to realisation with what they have done.

The two families were described as "Two households both alike in

dignity" at the beginning of the play. However towards the end they

could be described as "Two families both united in grief" because they

both lost a child dear to them due to their own feud. This is because

the feud is directly responsible for the secret marriage, Romeo's

banishment and for the Friar's scheme which leads to the deaths of the

lovers. So ironically it is hate and not love which kills the lovers

and Shakespeare tells us this...

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...xymorons to play the audience. Shakespeare uses

blank verse for Romeo's friends as this is easy to understand and it

makes sense. Because of this, at this point in the play Romeo appears

as nothing more than a lovesick teenager whose friends have outgrown


Shakespeare wanted his audience to be shocked and disturbed in a

reaction to this play. Shakespeare was also trying to show how their

deaths in the play were fated and their attempts against fate were

struggles in vain. So fate decrees they are born to feuding families,

that Tybalt should kill Mercutio and that the Friar's letter should

not be delivered. Shakespeare is trying to tell the audience in this

play that the consequences of the character's actions were in no way

their own fault and they were actually just caught up in the terrible

dealings of fate.
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