The Tragedy Of Oedipus Rex

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Greek theater is known for its tragedies, to the point that there is a formula for how to produce them. Catharsis is the end result of an ideal tragedy, and is a primary reason for why Aristotle views Oedipus Rex as the best Greek tragedy; even viewers today can feel catharsis from the play. Catharsis is a metaphor for emotional cleansing during a tragedy. Along with catharsis, Aristotle believes Oedipus Rex is a leading example of tragedy because of its simple plot, rational storyline and use of tragic essentials. Oedipus Rex is indeed a great Greek tragedy, allowing even modern viewers a chance to feel catharsis. Catharsis, in Greek theater, is a specific feeling aroused by tragedies, and a staple in the genre. Catharsis literally means “cleansing,” but in a tragedy “is a psychological healing, a sense of we will test to the boundaries, but you do not have to do it” ( Films Media Group, Greek Drama: From…). Catharsis is the second hand experience of the events in a play that allow the viewer to feel what it would be like in a given situation. The audience can feel the emotions as t...
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