The Tragedy Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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Tragedy In Hamlet
In the story of Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, there are many different perceptions of what the tragedy could be. In my opinion, the tragedy in Hamlet was a direct result of the foul play emitted by Claudius onto the royal family of Denmark, and his refusing to reveal his evil plot. From these acts, a series of events developed could have been avoided by a simple act of confession.
Claudius, the envious brother of King Hamlet, seeks the royal advantages of life and plans to gain them by killing King Hamlet. Once Hamlet’s death is completed, Claudius acquires the throne and wife that belonged to King Hamlet. The series of events that follow are all a result from Claudius’ acts.
A ghost showed up on a dark, gloomy night, looked exactly like the deceased King Hamlet, telling a story of Claudius pouring poison in his ear while he was sleeping causing him to die. This ghost told multiple courtiers and once told Hamlet about the murder and told Hamlet to stake revenge for what Claudius had done. This knowledge created grief throughout the land, people started to wonder if it was true and tempers began to rage. Anger built in people of the unlawful things that had happened. Beings that man would have enough grief to kill his own brother just to take over a kingdom is a very awful thing, it would take a messed up person to kill anyone, much less their own brother.
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were told to go and stay with Hamlet and try to figure out what is going on with Hamlet. They try cheering Hamlet up by telling him that there is a group of actors that have arrived at the castle and are to play tonight. Hamlet decides he will have the actors reenact the murder of his father to see if it bothers Claudius enoug...

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...t the sword had been dipped in poison and they both were going to die, blaming King Claudius for everything. Hamlet stabs the king, and makes him drink of the poisoned wine he had made for Hamlet. Hamlet ordered Horatio to stay alive and tell everyone the whole truth of what had happened. Also, he told Horacio to order that Fortinbras, the prince of Norway be the new King of Denmark.
Claudius caused all kinds of trouble and unneeded deaths to the Kingdom of Denmark. Sometimes jealousy can take over the willpower of a person and turn them into a monster. Once they decide they want to be forgiving and regret what they have done its way too late to turn back. Murder of a King is one thing, but murder of your own brother is the worst. By not killing King Hamlet, and just being the person he was created to be would have saved him and his kingdom a lot of death and hurt.
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