The Traditional Nuclear Family

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Growing up in the 1960’s many of us, myself included had identified and or glorified the concept of the traditional nuclear family. The traditional nuclear family is in reference to the iconic “Leave it to Beaver” family. In this iconic television comedy the wife June stays home and tends to the home, her family and attends social events while Ward kisses June at the door after a homemade breakfast and goes off to work each day briefcase in hand. In modern times such as today, this idealized suburban 20th century family has faded out into history. As we grow up our beliefs tend to be those of that we are raised with firsthand and those that influenced by the media. Children’s minds are filled with transparent knowledge through the media. It is not a crystal clear window of the real world; the media is extremely influential in filling our…show more content…
Gay men and women have been segregated and live in hiding (in the closet) and have been labeled as outcasts in society. Institutionally we are led to believe that ones gender role is determined by socialization. But being gay is not a choice one makes, it is who they are genetically and forcing upon gender specific roles cannot change their sexuality. Through the ability to see beyond the gender role socialization of masculinity and felinity characteristics associated with familial responsibilities that are learned through our families, schools, peers, religion, and media we see that sexual orientation is no more of a choice than the color of one’s skin. Biological factors, sexual orientation, transgendered status (the gender we identify ourselves as that may be in conflict with our biological gender), or how we portray that gender identification to others (transsexuals), has no determining factor on being a decent human being whom deserves equality. The war between what is socially acceptable; being masculine vs. feminine will always be disputed amongst
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