The Tradgedy of Marcus Brutus

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The Tragedy of Marcus Brutus The play Julius Caesar has gained a sum of controversy over the years due to the mere fact of the title that Shakespeare gave this well renowned play. After reading into the play, one notices that the play becomes more focused on the struggles of Julius Caesar’s trusted friend Marcus Brutus, which is where the controversy is conceived: should the play be named The Tragedy of Marcus Brutus or retain the name that Shakespeare himself gave it? The arguments given on either side provide precise and logical reasoning as to whether the name should be, if possible, changed or not, making it difficult to decide from a third person perspective. As one reads the play, the play opens as Caesar has just returned from an age of victorious battle in which he has lead Rome’s army to many victories. Instead of causing widespread joy and confidence throughout Roman society, this plagues the minds of the current ruling consul members with worry. They continue to try and find ways to get rid of Caesar without causing an uproar throughout the Roman Empire. So Cassius, a me...

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