The TradeOffs Concept of Going Green

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Over the past decades, individuals and businesses made and continue to make choices to have a better life or business. To accomplish their goals, the science of making choices known in the business world as Economics is used. In this paper, an article dealing with the tradeoffs concept of economics will be presented using the Going Green (Green) movement. There are four major points mentioned in the article regarding the green movement and what it takes to work: consumers view on conserving resources is changed by the market, consumers show interest in participating, and businesses are on board. Along with these four points of the green movement, two economic concepts of supply and demand and costs of production are also. The Green movement began with the idea of using less to limit waste and extend the quantity of a product or life of a service.
Economics or the science of choice is a strategy generated to place the world on the road to recovery from recession. Consumers view on conserving resources is changed by the market clearly stated is advertising companies have changed their marketing strategies on helping consumers conserve resources to build the economy. The next point, consumers show interest in participating by using electricity, fuel and water in moderation. Points three and four represent businesses getting on board with the green movement and researching to decide what consumers and suppliers value when buying and selling products. This paper focus is on the principle of tradeoffs businesses encounter to be successful.
Society decides on employment for communities and who will be required to successfully get the job completed. According to the article, Going Green Is Good for the Economy, David Leonhardt stated, “I...

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...product or service being provided. I agree with the author; it’s not easy being green.

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