The Tower Bridge: The Bridge Around The Thames River Of London, England

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The Tower Bridge, completed in 1894, is a combined suspension-bascule-draw bridge that spans the Thames River of London, England. Breaking ground in 1884, the bridge strongly embodies Victorian art design, with classical British influences and aspects of the Christian Church. The bridge has since become a symbol of London and the nation itself, being a famous tourist destination for those visiting the United Kingdom, whilst standing as a persona of the massive leap in bridge design and engineering.
Cutting through the London suburbs and business districts, the Thames River snakes through the massive metropolis of buildings and infrastructure, with a myriad of bridges criss-crossing her waters. The pinnacle of the crossways spanning the Thames, is the impressive and dynamical, Tower Bridge, a embodiment of British architectural superiority. Standing at 213 feet at its peak, the bridge connects the business and historical divisions of the city, whilst being awed at by thousands of tourists. The bridge is
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In 1910, the bridge underwent its first major overhaul, with the design of a pedestrian walkway, atop the main road. Following this major modification, the years after, were filled with stories and new articles of incidents and special feats on the Tower Bridge. In 1912, Frank Maclean flew a plane through the center of the bascules. 1952 saw a pedestrian bus jump over the bascules during a rising of the bridge. In 1977, the bridge went through a large refurbishment, being repainted in an array of colors. 1982 found Tower Bridge being a tourist destination for many, with the opening of its exhibition center, and in 2007, the bridge celebrated with its Silver Jubilee. And perhaps, the most famous of all, Tower Bridge became a landmark, during Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012, and a symbol of London during the 2012 Summer
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