The Tobacco Way

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In the U.S. 1200 people die every day from tobacco related disease ( For the tobacco industry, selling deadly tobacco products results in just another business day. Tobacco industries have a very persuasive way of advertising their products to people. These companies advertise their products as a fun social activity for people to enjoy. However, these companies leave out the terrible effects that the products have on the human body. According to The American Lung Association, “Tobacco products are one of the most heavily marketed consumer products in the United States.” The extremely misleading advertisements the tobacco industry uses leads to countless medical issues from their products. Approximately 8.6 million Americans are living with tobacco related illnesses not counting the deaths ( As long as they are making a profit, tobacco industries do not care about the side effects that come from the products that they sell. The tobacco industry, a heartless, money driven business that sells horrible products to their consumers, and can feel that they have done nothing unethical.
The tobacco industry has always shown their products as a top choice for every type of person. Tobacco companies spend billions of dollars every year trying to advertise their products. In research done by the government not too long ago, the tobacco industry has spent $8.37 billion dollars on advertising alone in the United States as of 2011 ( The tobacco industry averages $27 marketing their tobacco products per person in the United States ( This statistic does include children. The industry has become so well trained in the field of advertising that they have now entered into people’s subconscious by their s...

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...ness and even death are not and will never be considered an ethical way to do business. The tobacco industry’s advertising strategies of trying to show that it is a socially acceptable image to consumers is highly immoral. The industries trying to sell their products to children will never be accepted and completely frowned upon in today’s society. Subconsciously putting their products on televisions trying to influence a person to use tobacco products can be considered morally wrong. The tobacco industry finds is acceptable selling products that result in death to be the right way of doing business. Also, the tobacco industry will do absolutely anything to make a profit off people, which is also morally wrong. Big executives have been caught making very unethical statements about races. Making a profit off killing people will always be an unethical way of business.
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