The Titanic: The Downfall Of The Titanic Disaster

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The Titanic, the largest ship in its time, was breathtaking. Edward Smith, an acclaimed captain, took steer of it. It was a catastrophe when this popular ship hit an iceberg and sank, killing thousands. People are still as much in wonder today of the accident than they were a hundred years ago, when it sank. The Titanic sinking was such a disaster because of what happened on it building up to and after the crash and because of what Captain Smith did wrong, and it could have been prevented. There were many things happening on the Titanic leading up to and after the encounter with the iceberg. “About 11:40 on the night of April 14, Titanic’s lookout spotted an iceberg directly ahead. The crew tried to slow the ship while turning it out…show more content…
The first bit of advice would be to have binoculars in the crow’s nest, as they would have been able to spot the iceberg with them. “As strange as it may seem, the well-equipped Titanic had no binoculars in her crow’s nest. So the lookouts were forced to scan the horizon with unaided eyes” (Stacey 24). Second, the Titanic should have had more lifeboats, as that would have saved more lives when the ship crashed. “When she was finished, the Titanic had room for 2,500 passengers. In order to make room for this many passengers and still provide all the luxuries for its first-class guests, the owners of the Titanic had decided to equip the ship with only sixteen wooden lifeboats and four canvas collapsible boats- enough to carry about half of the people onboard” (Stacey 16). The Titanic received six ice warnings, but they didn’t act on any of them, and if they paid any attention to them, they could have avoided the iceberg. “Perhaps they would have been more concerned if they had seen the ice warnings that the Titanic’s wireless operators received a few minutes later. In fact, that was the third such warning. As the day progressed, the wireless operators received three more” (Stacey 22). If Captain Smith was able to follow my advice, I believe the Titanic wouldn’t have hit the iceberg. Because of what happened before and after it hit the iceberg and Captain Smith’s mistakes, the Titanic sank, and advice given to the captain could have saved the ship. Many problems occurred on the Titanic before and after the journey abruptly stopped. Part of the Titanic’s disaster happened because Captain Smith made a few blunders. If advice was given to the captain, the Titanic could have been saved from sinking. The Titanic will forever be a reminder of a sea accident at its worst which will hopefully not be
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