The Titanic Sang

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What if you were in the middle of the sea on a sinking ship, what would you do? Many would go straight to the crew on the ship for guidance but on the Titanic, only a few of the crew members knew what to do during an emergency. On the 15th of April in 1912, the Titanic, a first class ship sunk with only 705 survivors out of the 2,200 passengers on board. The captain of the ship, Edward John Smith, crashed into a huge iceberg because it seemed to be small above water. The water began to flood the ship and a few hours later, the ship sunk. The ship had many design flaws that caused it to sink. There wasn't even enough life boats for everyone on the ship. Most of the men just brought their wife and children on the life boats and they spared their lives. After the Titanic sank, sea travel changed forever.
"Suddenly a queer quivering ran under me, apparently the whole length of the ship", Elizabeth Shutes. Elizabeth was one of the few survivors of the Titanic. She describes the incident she went through in the article, End of a Splendid Journey. Elizabeth found out the ship was sinking when she overheard an officer say, "We can keep the water out for a while". She was as scared as a mouse."Brave American men, saw us to the lifeboat, made no effort to save themselves, but stepped back on the deck", End of a Splendid Journey. There were 20 lifeboats which fit 65 people in each of them, only enough for half of the amount of people on the ship. There was space to put more lifeboats on the ship for everyone, but no one really worried about an emergency on the Titanic because it seemed like a very well-built ship. To keep this from happening all ships are required to provide one seat for every passenger and crew member on a life...

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...e Carpathia or the Californian were not nearby, the people on the lifeboats would not get saved. Someone from New York or England would have to go out and search for the Survivors. Although the Titanic's Sinking was very tragic and many people died, it enlightened people about the dangers out in sea and the many changes needed on ships.
All these changes were made because the Titanic sank. Ships in the early 1900's and ships today differ greatly in design, equipment, and safety. The sinking of the Titanic was very tragic and many people had lost their lives, but it also saved lives. The lives of people who would have died if advancements on sea travel were not made when the Titanic sank. People only realized their faults only until something tragic happens like when the security of airplanes/airports were not advanced until the terrorist attack on September 11th.
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