The Times Have Changed

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The Times Have Changed Elizabeth Dole was no ordinary individual. She was a woman of character, morals and standards. She was a female who wanted to hold the world in the palm of her hands. She was willing to sacrifice all that she had to make a run for President of the United States. Dole became a symbolic candidate who was cherished and worshipped by many females and younger girls. They looked up to her and saw a woman who wasn’t afraid to stand up and accept the challenge, knowing that if she had gotten elected she would have been the first female President ever. Elizabeth Dole headed a crusade and gave faith to the American women. Women could not vote for the longest time and then they did something about it. Well, it is not that women cannot run for President, they just chose to not do so. Elizabeth ran for President but eventually dropped out for reasons that unknown. However, she began something that in my opinion will not die down for a while now. When Elizabeth Dole ran for the position of President of the United States of America, she really didn’t make a good run at it. She did not do all that she really needed to accomplish to gain the top position. Granted she ran and eventually dropped out of the race, but she never really had anything sketched out in detail about what she was going to do. Elizabeth also didn’t really discuss some issues that she should’ve addressed to the public. It was with little things that she did not do that really brought her campaign down. Mrs. Dole was a woman who had achieved a lot for a woman who was running for possibly the most powerful position in the world. I believe that goal could have been hers if she just would’ve stuck with it. Mrs. Dole had not been chosen for the position due to the fact that she had dropped out of the race. A Republican Commentator, Laura Ingraham stated, “She never really gave us a blueprint.” Elizabeth Dole had never really gotten her act together. She really just went with the flow, but to be president you need to have more than that. Everything should be planned out and at least having an idea of how things should be.
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