The Time Period of Isolation and Interaction

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During the time period of isolation and interaction, there were lots of new technology created and or information shared all over the world with different people. There were lots of new inventions as well as lots of cultures being more regulated and or connected together. There were many forms of transportations being developed and or made better for ease of traveling. During this era, where some societies were isolating and while somewhere interacting globally, there are still benefits and detriments for both.
During the era of isolating and interacting, societies came upon great detriments. The detriments of isolating were that people were faced of challenges in advancing their production of food while. This was a great detriment in their success in advancing and being leaders because when you don’t have the means to produce for the people in your society, that brings big holes in societies that cannot be filled quickly which results in the societies being destroyed or not lasting very long. Another issue that was detrimental to the isolating society was that they were advancing,...

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