The Time Machine by H.G. Wells

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The Time Machine is a novel by H.G. wells. It is a fictional story about The Time Traveler’s journey into the far future and his troubles to get back to the present. On his journeys, he stumbles upon the descendants of the human race the Eloi and the Morlocks. Unfortunately, the first night that the Time Traveler spent in the future, his time machine was stolen and little did he know his adventures had just begun. I enjoyed this book, and it captured my attention with the high degree of intellect and specific detail that the author put into the story. The first race the Time Traveler witnessed was that of the Eloi. The Eloi are giddy, children-like dwarves that seem to exist in a type of utopia. “One of them suddenly asked me a question that showed him to be on the intellectual level of one of our five-year-old children.”- (pg. 29). The Time Traveler saved a young Eloi girl from drowning, who in turn showed him the ways and the habits of the Eloi. He came to learn that the Eloi weren’t all that peaceful. He didn’t realize that during the night, the Eloi were hunted by their ...

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