The Time Machine Themes

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The Time Machine by H.G. Wells essay The Time Machine is a science fiction book made by H.G. Wells, and published in 1895. The book takes place in England in the 1890’s, but the characters live in very different time periods. There are four main characters; Eloi, The time traveler, the Morlocks, and Weena. The main theme of the book is never let your ambitions overtake who you are, be able to coexist with other people that have different motivations, and while you can impact the present, the same is not true for the past or the future. This is shown when the Time Traveler’s desire for scientific discovery led to the untimely death of Wenna because of his enormous forest fire used to protect himself from the Morlocks. While not intentional, he learned through this experience and sees the consequences of reckless actions and what can come from being over zealous. The basis of the story is about the Time Traveler and he explains his ideas on the fourth dimension, and his ideas turn out to be true and he travels to earth in the year 802701. While traveling, he meets the other main ch...
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