The Three Values Of Roman Politics

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Our world as we know it today has three main virtues that we value. These virtues include Political, Social and Science. Politics focus on governments and management of Judicial system. Social includes our society, culture, religion and even language. Lastly, Scientific advancements seem to prosper in the ancient, thus we see Roman technology today. Before the modern era, ancient empires ruled the world and had their own virtues. These nations conquered lands, started wars, but most importantly, created ways of living in which we benefit from today. Looking at some of the major empires including the egyptians, spartans and aztecs, one jumps out from the others.The Romans were the most significant Nation because they borrowed important…show more content…
Merriam Webster dictionary defines politics as, “showing good judgment especially in dealing with other people” (Merriam Webster Dictionary). Politics can be a sensitive topic because someone 's views and opinions always get offended which leads to debates and bigger conflicts. Political tension can even lead to a 30 year ongoing conflict that includes multiple wars, this was know as the cold war which was caused by two countries different political beliefs. What was influential about Roman politics is they were one of the first nations to decide to get rid of the monarchy. With a monarchy, you have one family who constantly controls your country. When he or she dies, the next descendant takes over the job and continues to control the people. Romans thought it would be better to have a team of legislative which could then make decisions cooperatively. This allowed more freedom of speech and is still used today. Roman politicians weren 't all good though, it is known that many of the people were of higher class descent and a lot of the involvement included corruption. Like today many politicians were receiving money illegally to be in power. This obviously some common beliefs for Politicians corruption long ago. However, the Roman government proved to still be more influential and free than that of a king or queen ruler. The Romans forever changed the world of politics by creating a senate, creating a republic, and developing Roman
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