The Three Types Of Homicide

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In the United States homicide is a very important and touchy subject. What is homicide? Homicide is when someone decides to take the life of another, regardless of their intentions or other details surrounding the incident (Reuters, 2017). It is very apparent to know that not all homicides are crimes; however, they all involve the killing of a human being. The main three types of homicides are murder, manslaughter, and legal homicides. A first-degree murder is a more serious type of homicide that is premeditated and intentional. Manslaughter is under murder but there may not be a true intention to kill anyone. When dealing with manslaughter, a person can find themselves charged based on acting recklessly and perhaps accidentally killing someone.…show more content…
Then the detective should try to find any other officials at the scene and try to get an understanding of everyone’s roles in the investigation as well as presenting his. While communicating and introducing himself, it would also be a great idea to find the person who was the first “professional” at the scene (National Institute of Justice). If the scene is under control, the detective should try to collect all data on witnesses including their D.O.B, name, address, and relationship to the victim. After talking with the witnesses and/or the first professional, it would be best to ask if any evidence has been tampered with or any evidence destroyed. Before entering the scene all persons should come up with a plan to access the scene in a manner that would not put anyone in any danger (Geberth, 1996). Note that if there is a sufficient amount of things that collectively could destroy any evidence, then it may be wise to have the body be moved before the investigation continues. The purpose of exercising scene safety is to prevent injury or the loss of life of anyone that has access to the scene. It is important that the proper agencies are contacted for assistance with things like chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive threats (National Institute of Justice, 2011). After having a proper plan and gearing up for any physical or biohazards, the detective would need to get permission from a fire marshal to enter the

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