The Three Stages Of Volcanoes, And Dormant Volcanoes

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Volcanoes are magnificent and powerful land features. The magma erupts from the Earth forming islands, cooling to form rocks, and changing the landscape on eruption at a time. They can erupt at any time! Since volcanoes are dangerous we have developed technology to detect these impressive explosions. Since Hawaii was formed by a volcano when you visit Hawaii you are standing on cooled lava! There are 3 different stages a volcano can be in and 2 very different types of explosions that can happen. Volcanoes are magnificent and have beautiful features.

There are many different stages that volcanoes can be in, but there are three categories these types go into. These can be applied to any type of volcano. Dormant volcanoes are volcanoes that
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Lava when it cools is the most fertile substance on the planet. Hawaii was formed by a volcano over a hot spot erupting under the water and eventually made its way to the surface. After the volcano reached the surface it kept erupting until the island was formed. It took the volcano, Kauai, millions of years to form the islands. After awhile the volcano and the island slowly drifted off the hot spot. Kauai still erupts today, but there are trenches dug into the ground that direct the lava to the ocean. That is why Hawaii has a beautiful ecosystem and can grow the plants and flowers unique to the…show more content…
Volcanoes need to be on top of a hot spot to erupt. A hot spot is a place on the Earth’s crust that magma from the mantle has broken through the crust. The magma pushes up through the crust and keeps pushing until there is a hole in the top of the mountain and when pressure builds up, it erupts out the top in a volcanic eruption. Another way it is formed is when the magma breaks through the surface of the Earth and it keeps coming out and erupting until a mountain is formed. The volcano erupts over and over again if it stays active. As those layers build up the volcano grows and it becomes ginormous. This process takes thousands of years!

A volcano is formed when the plates in the Earth’s crust moves. There are giant plates under the surface of the Earth or the crust. These plates are constantly moving which means that they are bound to bump into each other at some point. A volcano is formed at a convergent plate boundary. A convergent plate boundary is formed when two plates hit each other and one plate goes under the other. When that plate is pushed down it melts from the heat of the mantle and turns to magma. Then the magma from the mantle pushes up through that space where the plates met and the pressure builds up until the volcano
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