The Three Stages Of Adolescence

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There are three stages of development after one surpasses childhood which includes adolescence, emerging adulthood, and adulthood. These three stages of development come with various cognitive, physical, emotional changes to an individual that embodies the transition from one stage to another. Adolescence is a time period where one is transitioning from childhood to adulthood and is characterized by changes in the body, overall health, and psychological thinking. Physical changes during adolescence includes puberty, a period of time where hormones are present in the body and cause changes to one’s body and how they perceive themselves (Tung). Physical changes also include a higher interest in sexuality and experimentation and changes in the…show more content…
For instance, my emotional bond in romantic relationships has strengthened and now mirrors the bonds seen in adult romantic relationships. In high school, I casually dated with people I was attracted to but did not develop a solid and strong bond in a romantic relationship until two years ago. My current boyfriend and I have plans to get married in the near future and our relationship has evolved from romantic love to affectionate, or companionate love. I deeply care for him and have found familiarity and similarity in our values, attitudes, and lifestyles as time progresses. My levels of intimacy and self-disclosure have also changed and progressed since early adolescence. I have become more open to my close friends and loved ones about my emotions and according to Erikson’s theory of Intimacy versus Isolation, am “finding oneself while losing oneself in another person, and it requires a commitment to another person” (Tung, p. 135). This level of intimacy is something I did not disclose of myself to anyone around me until I learned to trust and rely on people past early adolescence. I have been learning to juggle my identity, intimacy, and independence through my relationship with my boyfriend, figuring out what I want in life and the work I want to pursue, and not relying on my family for financial

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