The Three Scenarios Of The Employment-At-Will Doctrine

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Introduction In this paper, I will cover the employment-at-will doctrine, cover three scenarios with actions that the Chief Operating Officer (COO) can take to resolve the problems in the scenarios. Also, cover my state’s employment -at-will doctrine and provide an example of a recent situation that has happened in the last five years.
Employment-At-Will Doctrine Which means that employees have the right to quit a job at any time for any reason and the employer can also do the same by the employee. Generally, these types of situations are for employees that do not have contracts, are hourly wage employees and minimum wage. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prevents any employer from firing any employee based off their race,
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Which allows employees that have observed any illegal acts or acts that raise concern to be able to report to a company hotline that allows that individual to report with the secrecy of the act without fear of retaliation from the company. Generally, whistleblowers are employees that are dedicated to the company and is a model employee. They do not have any intentions of hurting the company, but rather to improve the company. By having an anonymous reporting method of any situations allows employees to feel that the company values their opinions and actually care what is happening within the company. Another reason that this is a plus is because this keeps everybody honest, since there is an open door policy of reporting any illegal acts. The best way to implement this protocol is to educate employees on what the purpose of the program is. Then train the employees on the simple reporting procedures and certify that everything is clearly written and efficiently understood. When the complaint has reported an Ombudsperson or manager will report the matter to upper management to conduct an internal investigation. When all is done and the complaint is true, then actions will be done to correct the problems. In this case of the secretary being fired for refusal to prepare false expense reports for her boss, there is no need for her to be terminated instead this allows the creation of the whistle-blowing hotline for the company to investigate any illegal acts within the