The Three Most Important Aspects Of Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management Chapter seven addresses the management of human resources (HR), which is vital to every organization no matter its size. From the reading, the three most important aspects of human resources management that I felt organizations needed to focus their efforts are the recruitment process, the selection process, and employee training. I feel that these three components of human resource management establish the baseline for setting an organization up for success. Recruitment “Recruitment is the first step in the hiring process and is the practice of building a pool of qualified job candidates” (Satterlee, 2013, p. 195). In order to start the recruiting process, human resources personnel must…show more content…
Some employees who are hired have the requisite knowledge and skills to accomplish a job, however, the vast majority of new hires as well as current employees will require training in order to successfully accomplish their jobs. “Employee training is an important function of an effective human resources department” (Satterlee, 2013, p. 200). Training can be conducted in two ways: on-the-job and off-the-job. On-the-job training is accomplished at an employee’s workplace and is typically facilitated by a more senior employee or a supervisor, while off-the-job training is conducted in manner that involves classroom instruction, online tutorial videos, and workbooks (Satterlee, 2013, 200). Each of these has its share of advantages and disadvantages that an organization must consider prior to implementation. In addition to job related training, an organization’s training program must also include other training governed by laws and regulations, such as workplace harassment, safety, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) to name a few. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that all employees receive the necessary training to prevent negative workplace issues from occurring as well as act promptly should one occur (Dunlap and Garvin, 2010). “Regulations require that employers provide specific training to employees and that employers document that training…training must [also] be provided during working hours and at no cost to the employee” (Carney, 2016). Training is an important concept that all organizations must implement to ensure that employees are knowledgeable in governing laws and regulations and equipped with the skills necessary to meet the demands of the
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