The Three Little Piglets

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Once upon a time, in a land not too far from here, lived a large family of sixteen piglets, their mother and their father. Now, their father was an expert house maker and designer so he was always out of the house working on building anything ranging from simple shacks to mansions and even castles every once in a while. But alas, the pigs were growing in age and their parents could not afford to take care of them anymore. So, one day the sow sent them off to seek their fortune and become, like their father, a great boar with a lot of customers and an ever-expanding business line. So, off they went; some went north to find oil, petroleum and other non-renewable resources. Some went east trying to find India and hoping to become rich merchants selling spices and exotic items. Others traveled west in hope of finding their role model Piggy Eastwood. The last four, being the smartest ones went south where they hoped to find sandy beaches, sunshine and endless amounts of fun and relaxation. Instead, they ended up in the worst place possible to make themselves a future: a dark dreary forest shrouded in a thick bone-chilling mist that forbade them to see farther than ten feet in front of them. These pigs were the kind of pigs that saw everything as a challenge. Instead of finding a different forest with better land and more fertile grounds, they kept walking for a short distance and found a minute clearing at the foot of a mountain that seemed to have eternal shade, for it had no flora and it seemed dead. Being very ambitious pigs, they decided this would be a perfect area to begin their lives. The first pig, Timothy, was a lean muscular pig. Tall and towering above everything else, his shape was perfect for a lumberjack ... ... middle of paper ... ...prised wolves marched in hoping for a good meal of four pigs. To their surprise a large room with rows of chairs was waiting. “What? What is the meaning of this?” asked the wolves. “This is your trial; you are being sued for destroying piggy properties,” replied the pigs in unison. The trial then began, and after a long amount of debating, proving and verbal fighting, the pigs won. All of the wolves’ land was now theirs. Knowing they could not go against this, the wolves went along with it and left to an even more distant land. Now with no more problems in sight, the pigs went on with their lives and built themselves the city of their dreams. In their honour, they placed a towering statue of four pigs with a large group of wolves under their feet. The four pigs then lived on happily ever after now that they knew they didn’t have to worry about property destruction.

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