The Three Forms Of Heat Transfer In Everyday Life

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Have you ever taken a minute to wonder how heat in your everyday life is transferred from one object to another? Well, typically any heat that one feels throughout their day is most commonly transferred in one of three ways. Those three ways include conduction, convection, and radiation. The definitions of these three heat transfers are as follows. Conduction is specifically defined as, “the heat transfer through direct contact of molecules without any of the material as a whole” (Merriam-Webster's, 1999). A heat transfer via convection is also defined as, “the transfer of heat from one place to another by the movement of mass in liquid or gas form” (Merriam-Webster's, 1999). And finally heat radiation, is defined as, “the transfer of heat,…show more content…
Though people may think that they do not experience heat radiation that often, they may be surprised when hearing that microwaves work by the use of radiation heat. Microwaves work to disturb certain water molecules that are found in foods that atomically generate heat by circulating inside of a confined space (“Dan Berger's Pages at Bluffton University”). That heat then accumulates within the item inside the microwave due to the radio waves that occur in the device. So, whenever one is in use of a microwave, they are transmitting heat that sparked the atoms located inside of food, by the use radio…show more content…
If a person were to come across a wrinkly article of clothing, their first instinct would be to iron it and make it straight again. This could only be done through the process of heat from an iron, directly coming in contact with the necessary article of clothing. That heat coming from the iron is then transferred to the clothing, easily working out the wrinkles. Once the iron is removed, the clothing will remain warm due to the direct contact between the two, which is a direct example of

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