The Three Empires Of The Old Babylonian Empire, And Roman Empire

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In the ancient world there were many kingdoms and empires. There were many obstacles when it came to unifying an empire, whether it be from sheer size to religious differences, it was the empires duty to find a way to unify its people. Three empires that stood out were the Old Babylonian Empire, the Achaemenid Persian Empire, and the Roman Empire. Each empire had their flaws, but they also had something unique to offer. The Roman Empire understood just what it meant to unify its people and made itself an ideal place to live. The Old Babylonian Empire on the other hand, could have used to help. While it was a seemingly good place to live at the time, it was not built to last.
The Old Babylonian Empire
The Old Babylonian Empire ruled from 1779
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All three empires unified their people by rebuilding the cities’ infrastructure and bringing them all under one universal law. What sets them apart from each other is what else they offered. The Old Babylonian Empire, after many years of gaining and losing land, started gaining and keep land, allowing its people to stop worrying about the potential loss of property. The Persian Empire on the other hand, was able to offer a form of religious freedom in addition to winning battles and keeping its people safe. They did not mandate, like most empires, that its people must all worship one religion. The Persians allowed the areas they conquered to continue practicing the same religion without interference. The Roman Empire offered something unique compared to other empires. They offered peace. The Roman Empire was built following fourteen years of civil wars in its realm and for two centuries after its formation the Roman Empire remained neutral and…show more content…
While the Babylonians could offer a growing territory and the Persians could offer religious freedoms, the Roman Empire was war-free empire and could offer peace and safety. It is human nature to seek safety and the Roman Empire was not only able to offer it, but also maintain it. The least beneficial empire of the three would be the Old Babylonian Empire. In the Old Babylonian Empire they could not offer any form of peace. They were in a continuous battle from the time of its formation until its fall. The Old Babylonian Empire was only able to offer its ability to win battles and, unlike the Persian Empire, they were not able to offer anything in addition to winning battles. The Old Babylonian Empire, the Achaemenid Persian Empire, and the Roman Empire all had their strengths and weaknesses, but when it comes down to it, The Romans had numerous strengths compared to its weaknesses while the Babylonians had numerous weaknesses compared to its

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