The Three Characteristics Of The 21st Century Skills In Education

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21st century skills in education refers to a set of knowledge, skills , habits and personal traits that a student and educator should have to become successful in today’s modern era. In today’s world educators are subjected to make their students more marketable , through this must be able to compete with others and most importantly meet the demand of the work force. The 21st century skills apply basically to every subject area and also to all educational careers in a student’s life. There are 3 categories under 21st century skills and these are learning skills, literacy skills and life skills. Each one is important for a student to succeed in life. This essay will highlight all 3 categories , also identify one skill from each category ,…show more content…
Learning skills are skills that a student requires to understand various factors in class, adopt skills to carry out tasks and also learn how to tackle certain issues or problems (Allen.J,2012). One of the specific skills that fall under it is communication. It is basically the ability to transfer an idea from one mind to others and also have the ability to gain insight from others as well. Also according to (Sellven.A,2009) communication between students and other students to teachers are important as it allows their mind to sink into one tune, which allows them to understand each other in much better way. It also adds as an asset when the student finally goes out towards higher education or work field. Nowadays in the work field some of the work is carried out in teams or with partners, here communication is key so that everything runs smoothly therefore it is important for students to master this skill from schools (Allen.J, 2012). As a teacher one way to develop this skill in students is allowing them to speak in class. Speaking allows students to express their opinions, ideas or views that they may have about a certain topic also they can inform the educator if cannot understand anything in class. It is often seen in schools that students lack the ability to be more vocal or speak out in class regarding any issues that they might have and their personal views mostly because of the high class number which cases the
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