The Three Causes And Effects Of Global Warming

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A massive change in the past centuries has happened to our planet, which was a result of global warming. Global warming is a big environmental issue that affects the whole wide world, which everyone must know and be aware of it, especially youth. By educating younger generations and spreading social awareness there might be a big difference in future actions. The effect of global warming can be grouped into three main headings; the increase of carbon dioxide, weather change, CFCs, methane, and glaciers melt.
People might think that deforestation and burning forests doesn’t have a big impact on the earth. However, cutting trees and plants have a huge effect on the earth, as it is known that plants are the main source to absorb carbon dioxide
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Every government is striving hard to find a solution to this environmental problem. According to R. Zalaghi and A. Landi (2009), professors in Shahid Chamran University, department of soil science, claimed that “Carbon dioxide is increasing at the rate of 5% a year. Burning fuel and changing land use are two major human activities that result in this increase. Methane has a greenhouse effect as 21 times greater as CO2” (p.2307). Another study shows that in the next fifty years the earth temperature would increase dramatically, which will create a massive problem to our lives and extinction to other creatures. As a consequence of the high temperature, many glaciers will melt due to the incline of surface temperature of the…show more content…
The rise in the temperature results in melting the glaciers. If temperature keeps rising, glaciers will continue melting, and some could disappear completely. As a result, sea levels will rise which will cause risks to many cities especially the ones that are near the ocean. Cities near the sea will wipe out and might completely vanish. According to Brandon Baker, author in Ecowatch , argued that “The rapidly melting section of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is expected to lead to at least 4 feet of global, sea-level rise over the next two-plus centuries, and at least 10 feet thereafter” ( How Melting Antarctic Glacier Will Make These 14 Coastal U.S. Attractions Look, para. 2). Cities like New York, New Orleans, and Miami would submerge
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