The Three Careers Of Psychology And Forensic Psychology

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I have learned that there is way more to psychology then I ever thought. There are more careers and more jobs that do so many different things while all still being connected to psychology. Three careers I have researched and learned about are, sports and activity psychology, forensics psychology, and child psychology. Even though all these careers have a part in psychology, they all do very different things. In lecture we had a few psychology major students come in and talk about their future careers with us. The presentation and career that interested me most was sports and activity psychology. This career interested me most because I grew up around all different sports and played multiply sports myself. Sports psychology is not playing…show more content…
This career in the psychology field works mainly with criminals and on crime scenes (forensic psychology career.n.d.). The purpose on a forensic psychologist is to focus on a criminal to see why they committed the crime they did. Forensic psychologist also, work to find a motive for the crime, prevent the crime from happening again, eliminate people off suspect list, learn certain types of people that would commit a crime later. In the court case Jenkins v. United States, psychologist became allowed to be accepted witnesses in a court room to give testimonies. Just like most psychologist to become a forensic psychologist, you need your doctorates or psyD. You can find these psychologist working in police stations, courthouses, law firms, jails, or owning their own practice. The annual salary has a wide range from $35,333 to $103,576. The estimated growth rate percent by the year of 2018 is 19%. Most of the future works are expected to work through the federal government while other will choose to be self-employed (forensic psychology…show more content…
This is the most commonly studied form of psychology (Starting a career as a child psychologist.n.d.). Child psychology is working with children for many different reasons. For example a child psychologist might work with kids who are slightly troubled, autistic, mental or emotional problems, and much more. A man in the 17th century name John Locke created the tabula rasa, which means that each child is born with an empty mind and throughout their life they learn good and bad and decide which one to act one. Later, in the 18th century another philosopher named Jean-Jacques Roussequ created the goodness theory. This theory suggest that each child is born good but society teaches the child evil and bad things. Today the topic of argument is not as highly debated as it used to be. The most common type of treatment a child psychologist would use is cognitive behavioral therapy. This type of therapy helps kids to solve problems on their own. Being a psychologist, you need a doctorates or psyD to be able to have this as your career. Child psychologist work in schools, orphanages, welfare office, hospitals and mental health facilities. Like most jobs the average annually salary is determined on experience, location, and employer. But on average the yearly salary is $67,880. This demand of employees in this career has steadily gone up 7% every year since 2014, and is expected to keep the steady pace in
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