The Threat of Chemical Warfare with Anthrax

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The Threat of Chemical Warfare with Anthrax Hell is a place on earth and it is located 2300 miles south of Moscow in the middle of the Aral Sea. Its name is Vokroshdeniye Island. In English this means Renaissance Island. Renaissance Island was a Soviet Union biochemical test sight before its fall in 1990. They where testing such things as small pox, the plague, and most importantly anthrax. The Islands main mission was to develop a strain of the diseases that could be put into the warheads of SS-18 an intercontinental bolistic missile, to be pointed at American cities. The thought targets are New York, Seattle, Chicago, and Boston. Renaissance Island officials did open air experiments such as, sending monkeys out downwind of the lab and releasing bombs of the chemicals to see if they would kill the monkeys, and they did. In fact thousands of animals were said to have died on the island. The germs were engineered to be antibiotic resistant thus the effects are extremely life threatening. Alibek the former chief at Renaissance Island said, ¡§ people can die during a conversation for example, they start bleeding through the noose and mouth, then they die.¡¨ At the end of the cold war America and the British put pressure on the Soviets, mainly their leader of the time Mikhail Gorbachey, to tell them what was going on. He wouldn¡¦t and continued on with the testing, however when evidence was shown to him that the U.S. and Britain knew for sure that they were doing those things, Gorbachey ordered the chemicals to be buried. The put the anthrax into 11 sand pits, leaving the chemicals to be free and living underground. U.S. officials say that to this day there are still living spores underground. The wors... ... middle of paper ... ...that could be present. The test will identify the type of organism, fungus etc. that you have in your body. Anthrax will always be a biochemical threat to the U.S. vaccination or not. It¡¦s Hanes¡¦s effects and virtual undetectability will haunt the U.S. for years to come. You can think you have the flu, then you could be dead, and it¡¦s as crazy as that. Treatment can in fact be effective, but how can you treat the unknown? This article has opened my eyes to a lot of things and it is scary. My brother is scheduled to receive the anthrax vaccination for sometime soon, because he is in the Air Force. I fear for his health. If nothing else I hope that people make themselves more aware about anthrax and it¡¦s vaccination. I hope that they refuse it until more extensive research can be done to perfect it and minimize the side effects. God bless our military!

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