The Threat Of Cyber Security

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The importance of cyber security is at an all-time high. The United States Infrastructure is outdated to the point if a cyber-attack did happen to the nation’s power infrastructure, the nation will have trouble in fixing the damage infrastructure. Many nations and companies are spending millions to billions to restructure their systems to reduce the chance of being hacked. As more things are connect to the internet, the higher of chance of those things being control by individuals that want to cause damage to those systems. The idea of remote controlling a power plant and destroying it seem impossible just a few years ago. Many control systems that have no software security make easy targets to individuals. Most systems are outdated by more than twenty years and only within the last five years have control systems been encoded with security software and improve authenticated access that makes it harder to be hacked into. The real issue in these control systems is that in every level of infrastructure uses these systems. These systems run plants of power, water, gas, oil, and processing raw material from local to national regions that many depend on every day. Most people believe that having top-grade cyber security that only protects their information is the only thing to be worry about cyber-attacks. When cyber-attacks started to increase, these attacks tend to focus on companies that have large databases of their customers and users. These attacks were based on profit gain as many shopping stores, banks, and ATMs had mid to low secured networks which allow individuals to get into these companies networks and steal personal information to only be sold in the dark web. The attacks that are happen today are becoming more precis... ... middle of paper ... ... the target individual into making them to expose some personal information that later will be use against the victim. There is real danger from these attacks, as some will cause of loss of life in the form of a hospital losing all of its power to a nuclear power going to meltdown, as their cooling systems are shutdown. The need of cyber security professionals in the workforce is so high that demand is likely to stay top five careers to work in the next twenty years. Many companies have started rewards programs that pays anyone finding a vulnerability in the software and even pay more if they fix the vulnerability. Many tech companies have layout many policies that most non-tech organizations have applied into their workplace to reduce the chance of having a cyber-attack. As technology becomes more embed into society life, the easier it is getting to hack a system.
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