The Thoughts Of Reading And Reading

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During my adolescent years, up to 7th grade, I loved writing and reading. There was an abundance of information and entertainment found in each page that I turned, you could look at a book written on a revolution and then read someone else’s interpretation and it would be astounding to see the two different perspectives, to compare and contrast the thoughts of two individuals. This to me was amazing, for once I could start to formulate a view of history or concepts and let my own thoughts adapt to the new conglomeration of information that was at my fingertips, my mind could open up to new depths that were unexplored. As I could read, I could then share my own thoughts by writing them down. Writing to me was a form of record keeping and a way of expressing oneself. Writing, even when…show more content…
“English teachers usually ask about reading assignments- questions designed to bring out the points that I had decided they should know.”, this is what started to turn me away from reading and writing. By the 8th grade I had drastically reduced the amount of reading and writing I did to a minimum of what was assigned. Personal expression and the freedom to learn what I was interested in became limited. My love, the passion, it dimmed in comparison to seeing the moon out in the morning when the sun is coming up, hardly there, but still noticed. Throughout 8th grade and up, I began to develop a pattern in my reading and writing that was formulated by all my former teachers. All teachers I had met up to that point shared the same outlook and thus created my pattern: read this book and write from these selected topics. My thoughts became enshrouded with “WRITING IS PUNISHMENT” and as from Brave New World I started to “grow up with what the psychologist use to call an ‘instinctive’ hatred of books…” thankfully his hatred did not completely consume
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