The Thirst for Knowledge in Frankenstein

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In the gothic novel Frankenstein, humans have a bottomless, motivating, but often dangerous thirst for knowledge. This idea was clearly illustrated throughout the novel by Mary Shelley. The three main characters in the novel shared the thirst for knowledge that later lead to their downfall. In the novel knowledge is a huge theme that led to atrocious life to anyone that tried to gain it. Knowledge is hazardous; therefore, I support Dr. Frankenstein’s warning about knowledge being dangerous and that knowledge shouldn’t be gained. Knowledge played a huge role in the life of the creature that affected him later. Dr. Frankenstein’s warning about knowledge being dangerous is valid and can be supported in multiple of ways. To elaborate, the creature went searching for expertise, leading to a very miserable life and destruction. The creature found love in the De Lacey’s which motivated him to show himself. Unfortunately, the De Lacey’s rejected the creature. The creature didn’t give up by asking Dr. Frankenstein for a mate since no human accepts him. Dr. Frankenstein de...
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