The Theory of Multiple Universes

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The theory of multiple universes says that there are many universes that make up a multiverse, which is a term used to describe the collection of parallel universes, and we live in one of these many universes. Matter can only arrange itself in so many ways so it has to start repeating. This means that if you could see into the other universes you could see infinite versions of yourself.
Physicist Brian Greene thinks that string theory plays an important part in understanding the theory. Strings are really small one dimensional object that vibrates in ten or eleven dimensions. String theory incorporates gravity so it could be a theory for everything. Brian Greene says “Einstein’s theory of relativity does a fantastic job of explaining big things.” “Quantum mechanics is fantastic for the other end of the spectrum-for small things.”
“The big problem is that each theory is great for each realm, but when they confront each other, they are ferocious antagonists and the mathematics falls apart.” String theory smooths out mathematical differences that exist between string theory and quantum mechanics. Brian Greene says, “Within string theory, the strings that we’re talking about are not the only entities that this theory allows. It also allows objects that look like big flying carpets, or membranes, which are two dimensional surfaces. And what that means, within string theory, is that we may be living on one of those gigantic surfaces, and there can be other surfaces floating out there in space.”
In 1954, Hugh Everett III, a Princeton University doctoral candidate came up with the idea that there are parallel universes. These universes are related to ours and they branch off from ours and our universe branches off from other universes....

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...d Max Tegmark of MIT.

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