The Theory of Evolution

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The ongoing scientific investigation of how exactly evolution occurred and continues to occur has been an argumentative idea amongst society since Darwin first articulated it over a century ago. The scientific basis of evolution accounts for happenings that are also essential concerns of religion; both religion and science focus on the origins of humans and of biological diversity. For instance, in the reading “Truth Cannot Contradict Truth,” Pope John Paul II, addressing the Pontifical Academy of Science, discussed the matter of God as creator of man. The Pope explains that men cannot relate to animals because men are superior. The reasoning for that is because God created humans under his likeness. What the church is saying about mankind contradicts with the scientific evidence scientists have found on human evolution. By analyzing the different scientific approaches, one will be able to grasp a clear understanding that the theory of evolution by natural selection conflicts with the Judeo-Christian worldview of God as creator. Before Darwin, the complexity of organisms was recognized as creation by God. The Judeo-Christian basis argues that in order for one to acknowledge there is a creator and that the bible is true is a much deeper substance than simply claiming a theory. In the bible, it states that God created a perfect world, but because man sinned, the world is a continuous state that will ultimately lead to a complete destruction. This is the opposite of evolution teachings that the world began with the Big Bang, and rather than the world being in a state of decline as Judeo-Christians believe, the world is progressively getting better. Evolution makes the features of organisms justifiable by scientifically studied proce... ... middle of paper ... also be accepting of the scientific findings proving evolution. Unfortunately, whether or not the theory of evolution by natural selection conflicts with the Judeo-Christian worldview of God as creator will continue to be an ongoing debate. There will always be a contradiction between the evidence scientists have towards human evolution and what the church states about the creation of mankind. Works Cited Futuyma, D. (2000-2014). Natural selection: How evolution works. Retrieved from O'Neil, D. (1998-2013). Retrieved from (2008). Science, evolution, and creationism. National Academy of Sciences. Retrieved from 5236924_2/courses/14SPBICC103B/Science Evolution and Creationism.pdf

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