The Theory Of Social Work

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In social work there are many theories that are very beneficial. I think that empowerment theories are something you must know about. First, I will list some reasons why these theories are special. Then, we will explore the history of it. Thirdly, the key concepts will give us an open insight on what we are really talking about. Fourthly, we will focus on the term critical consciousness. Next is defining the empowerment concepts in a social context. Finally there will be information on the social work empowerment theories more in depth. First, there are a few special points about these theories everyone in the social work field should know about. One is that the focus is on the application and practice vs. the explanation and prediction. Two is that you do not blame the victim. Next, promote awareness of real life circumstances. Last one is to promote actions that will produce a change. Secondly, we will explore some of the history of these theories. This theory was a big part of social work ever since Jane Adams along with her social reform work. This developed a certain view of the social work roles. This included reciprocal learning, worker-client alliance, and it highlighted client self-determination. Lately we have had empowerment activities that involved the civil rights and community organizing activities. Thirdly, the key concepts give a bigger understanding about what we are really focusing on in empowerment theories. The one key term we should definitely define is empowerment. This is the process by which individuals and groups gain power, access to resources, and control over their lives. Another term is empowerment theories; this is the focus on structural barriers that prevents people from accessing necessary re... ... middle of paper ... ...mportant subject to know about is the levels of social work intervention, this includes: person, interpersonal and institutional/political. The levels of social work intervention also tie in with the consistency with your social work values. This builds on your traditional social work commitment for social justice, supports the strengths perspective, helps the wellness of people, supports social work commitment to self-determination and is relevant to issues of diversity. I would feel comfortable using these theories. They seem to follow along with my beliefs and would accent what I really want to do in the social work field. I understand this theory and nothing really confuses me, they just helps explain my social work values. I personally believe in everything that is included in these theories therefore I will definitely be using them in my practices later on.
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