The Theory Of Mind Body Dualism

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RECALL: The writer makes several important points in “Body and Mind” from “Problems from Philosophy”. The writer discusses the idea of the body being a material entity and the mind as an immaterial entity. The mind and body problems arise due to the different types of facts and their relation with each other. The concept of mind body dualism is an attempt to solve this conflict between these two entities and the main points discussed in the chapter are: 1) According to the ‘Conceivability Argument for Dualism’, presented by Descartes, the mind and the body cannot exist without each other and if they were to do so, they would not be the same thing; 2) Physical facts are proven through observations but mental states are private and cannot be observed or proved; 3) However, the emergence of the mind purely from matter seems quite inexplicable and many people refuse to believe that the mind can live without the body or the body could live without the mind; 4) Since mental events are brain events, thus all the interactions that take place between the mind and the body are actually taking place between the brain and the body; 5) If physical states cannot be considered as intentional, then mental states cannot be considered as states of the brain ; 6) The connection between the mind and the body is a very complicated one and a solution to this problem is no way near in the future. SUMMARIZE: The ‘Mind Body Dualism Theory’ lost momentum after the twentieth century due to the increasing scientific discoveries and emerging facts about human beings. The progression in scientific discoveries made Descartes theories seem more superstitious than based on facts and soon they disappeared. The materialistic theories started flourishing in the mi... ... middle of paper ... ...ody are required to function together as a unit and the body and the mind, even though they may be considered as separate entities, in my opinion, cannot survive individually. I also liked the correspondence between Descartes and Elizabeth. She asked about the body being impelled by an immaterial substance and if an immaterial substance did not occupy any space, then what was it? These questions left Descartes unable to justify his philosophical theories. COMMENT: I liked this article a lot because it discussed the topic from a variety of different angles and gave me different perspectives in order to figure out the real deep connection between the mind and the body. Not only did this chapter discuss the different theories put forward by various famous philosophers but also gave examples which send the reader thinking and pondering over this mind and body conflict.
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