The Theory Of Dualism In Descartes's Theory Of Dualism

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INTRODUCTION RENÉ DESCARTES by career being a Mathematician carried his interest of entering into the philosophy realm. At a very young stage, he decided that nature is to be explained with certainty as Mathematics. Mathematics in itself is very numerical, where the nature cannot be expressed numerically but is bound in a neat and clear cut way. Thus, his philosophy about everything in nature is very mechanical and machine-like. According to Descartes, Mind and Body are the 2 different kinds of substances that prevail not dependent on one another, but are connected to the absolute substance i.e. God. He believed that substances are the foundation for everything in this world. Substances are present naturally and act like a base. This extreme…show more content…
The possibility of life after death could be the claim for Descartes’ inclination in arguing for substance dualism. If mind and body exists as 2 entities, then souls can survive even after death. Physical substances are the subject matter in physics. As thoughts and sensations cannot be expressed mathematically, they don’t assume to become a problem for Descartes as physical substances. For this, Descartes introduces another type of substance called the mental substance, entirely different from the physical substance. The following is the way how Descartes came to his theory of Dualism - 1. Things that can be doubted He suggests that the physical substance (body) and mental substance (mind) are different in nature from each other. He believes that what we see could possibly be deceiving us and that this world might just be a dream. According to Meditations (2008), it seems to him that there exists a computer monitor in front; but there is no plausible way to distinguish between being awake and dreaming. He said that an evil demon is the one behind this whole drama. Here, the important point for him is that it seems possible that an evil behind this is controlling his life and not that he isn’t able to reflect. The whole point behind the first meditations is to prove that there is only mind i.e. mental substance that exists and that material body
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