The Theory And Practice Of Counseling And Psychotherapy By Gerald Corey

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What I learned in this course? In this course, I completed reading the text Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy written by Gerald Corey, which helped me have a better understanding of different types of theories and how they can benefit or help potential clients I may have. From all the theories studied in this course, there are some theories that I would like to apply that would be beneficial in helping me guide my clients to the right path. Person-Centered Therapy: In this therapy, Carl Roger recommended that the client would have the best help if the therapist motivates the client to concentrate on the problem then on the interpretation that others have on the situation. To have good results Carl Roger believed that the therapist should be comprehensive, authentic, and warm. As a future therapist, I consider that I would like to use this therapy because it would show the client my empathetic side, which will bring better results. It shows the client that they are not alone in the situation and will be more willing to open up. Also, I consider that a councilor can better help the client to come up with the best solution possible to the situation if they are non-judgmental and understand the client’s perspective. I consider the best technique for this therapy is Motivational interviewing because it is a non-judgmental and non-confrontational therapy that attempts to make the client more aware of the potential caused problems experienced consequences and risks they may face as a result of the conduct in question. As a therapists I want to help the client envision a better future and become increasingly motivated to achieve it. However, I would keep in mind that I need to seek stra... ... middle of paper ... ...alytic therapy is the analysis dream. Analysis dream is made up different components that provides better understanding of the clients unconscious thoughts (fulfillment, unconscious desires, and conflicts). During dream analysis, the client in therapy shares the manifest content of the dream which are the parts of the dream that the client remembers. Also, the client in the therapy would latent content which means it will represent the repressed meaningful embedded information of the dream My role as the therapist will be to facilitate exploration of repressed material. Conclusion Over all, I consider that I had a pretty good understanding of the course and the therapies that were taught in the class. In this report it showed how I have a clear view of how the different types of therapy function and how a therapist should incorporated it to the client.
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