The Themes in the film "A Raisin in the Sun"

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The idea of characters fulfilling and working towards their dreams is a common and relatable theme throughout today’s entertainment culture. From television shows to feature films, it becomes a main focus because many spectators can relate to the exact dream or inspires them to reach for or create a similar dream for themselves. The film “A Raisin in the Sun” takes place in Chicago featuring an African American family living in a small, three-bedroom apartment in the 1950’s. This apartment is not big enough for such a large family and, as a result, the youngest has to sleep on the couch in the living area because there is not enough room or money for a bed for him. Since money is very tight within the family, the insurance check for the death of the father of the family is much needed, but also a source of conflict within the family because they must choose the best way to spend this money to help all achieve their dreams. The Younger family is full of dreams and aspirations, both as a family and as individuals.
Walter Younger is the biggest dreamer of the family. As the man of the household, he holds the most responsibility since he has to supply for his wife Ruth, son, mother and sister, which is a very demanding task since there are so many people living in such small quarters. His dream is to acquire wealth with his friends in order to support his family, and eventually have enough to give his family a better life and set his son up for a successful life. Throughout the movie, he focuses on quick fixes to any situation that arises. When the neighborhood’s improvement association offers to buy the family out of moving into a white suburb of Chicago, Walter wants to accept the offer because the family needed the money...

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...McShane, a family friend, she does so because she sees the better life that would be offered to her children.
When several films, including “A Raisin in the Sun” and “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn,” make the focus of films working for and acquiring his or her dreams, despite being made almost twenty years apart. A main factor in these films typically comes motherly support. Many times, you see the mother sacrificing her wants and needs in order to help her children succeed and achieve their dreams. Since the theme is common over time, it is relatable to the audience of the films and is a way to capture the audience and keep them focused on the film. Due to the similarities in both the theme of the role of the mother and achieving his or her dream, it can be shown that over decades, these themes remain constant, though the dreams, race, gender, and stories can change.
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