The Themes Of Stepmothers In Grimm Brothers's Fairy Tales

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Growing up, all of us probably have read fairy tales where there is a stepmother who is seen as a witch for treating her stepdaughter so poorly. We associate the stepmother with ideas of evil. When many of us hear of the words black, cold, jealousy and evil we often times think of stepmothers from fairy tales who devised plans in order to stop their stepdaughters from gaining anything. These arrogant stepmothers have different moods relating to the setting and symbols, they have developed the idea of dramatic irony and also have their own point of view for their actions throughout different fairy tales.
The types of moods that go along with a character such as the evil stepmother is shown in these fairy tales. In the version of the Grimms
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The object is a representation for beauty and how she is self obsessed with looking at herself and thinking she 's the most beautiful person in this world. The mirror, in other words, influences the stepmother to do things to no extent. She tries to kill her own stepdaughter about three times just in order to be the prettiest in all of the land. The mirror tells the stepmother about Snow White still being alive and living with the seven dwarfs in the forest. The stepmother reacts as such, "The blood froze in her veins when she heard those words. She was horrified, for she knew Snow White was still alive" (Grimm, 87). Then she makes plans in order to destroy Snow White. These sudden changes in the mood and the repeated act of killing Snow White is all due to the mirror telling the stepmother about her being alive. Therefore, the mirror has a huge influence on the stepmother which leads her to want to destroy Snow White. The mirror is another object that influences the mood of the stepmother throughout the fairy tale of Snow White, and therefore plays a vital role in the…show more content…
The story starts off saying, "The elder was very beautiful, and everyone called her Beauty. But the younger had a face covered with pock marks, so that everyone called her Pock Face" (Lin Lan, 127). The stepmother knew that her own daughter was not worthy of marriage because everyone looked at her face, while Beauty got so many proposals. Pock Face did not have the choice, so for that reason the stepmother mistreated Beauty and would not talk to her. The stepmother is not at fault here, her only intentions were to make sure her daughter stays happy and for that she kept ignoring and treating Beauty poorly. And before she could realize it she had turned into an ungrateful stepmother who did not like her stepdaughter at all because she was so involved in her daughter 's happiness. Since the entire neighborhood knew about Beauty and Pock Face it was evident that one was looked upon as pretty while the other addressed as ugly. Any mother cannot tolerate the consistent rejections of proposals that Pock Face got. Therefore the stepmother took this step and chose Pock Face over Beauty in
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