The Themes Of Honor And Glory In Homer's The Iliad

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There are many themes in The Iliad, but the most prominent one is the theme of honor and glory. Hector, the Prince of Troy, exemplifies this theme throughout the entire epic poem. Throughout the poem, Hector is faced with many difficult challenges. On countless occasions, Hector is forced to decide between doing what is best for himself and his family, or doing what is best for his country. Hector represents the theme of honor and glory by standing up for what he believes is right, fighting for his country, and never backing down from any challenges presented to him. In my opinion, honor is determined by the courage a person displays, the difficulty of the test a person faces, the physical abilities a person possesses, and a person’s social…show more content…
After reading The Iliad it was obvious that what most men wanted during that time was glory. Men in The Iliad wanted to be remembered forever and wanted to be remembered as fierce warriors. Hector was one of these men. Hector knew that the chances of surviving the war were slim, but although difficult, he chose to leave his wife and newborn son and go off to war to protect his country. Hector struggled greatly with this decision because he had to choose between fighting for his country, his heroic domain, and fleeing with his family, his domestic domain. According to SITE, Hector’s choice to fight in the war, despite his chances of surviving, was due to his need to satisfy the heroic domain (SITE). Hector felt it was his duty to fight for his country and that he had no choice but to go to war. As Hector prepared for battle, “he lingered briefly at the border of his domestic world”, (SITE). Hector momentarily became just a husband to his wife and a father to his son as he made his tough decision. Ultimately, Hector decided to leave his fate in the hands of the Gods and fight. If Hector were to flee with his wife and son, then, in his mind, Hector believed he would have been viewed as weak and would not have been remembered. By going off to war, Hector would forever be remembered as a glorious
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