The Theme of Love and Loss in Poetry

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The Theme of Love and Loss in Poetry

Have you ever looked up the word poetry in a dictionary? Poetry is

defined as literature in its most intense, most imaginative and most

rhythmic forms. For the poet, it can be a way to relieve their stress

and just 'let go' and for the reader it can be an adventure into the

state of mind of the poet. The Romantic Era, during the late 18th and

early 19th century, was a period of time in which poets started to

express their love and lust for others through poetic forms. This

essay will be exploring the way in which poets use language, imagery

and form to express their ideas to the reader.

Sir Philip Sidney was famous as a poet, a courtier and a soldier and

he is still known as a writer of sonnets. He was a very religious man

and consequently, religion and faith affected his poetry greatly. One

of his famous works is entitled 'My True Love Hath My Heart'. It is a

deeply spiritual poem and it is essentially about the poet's love of

God. In this poem, Sidney shows how his love for God is perfect and


?By just exchange, one for the other giv?n.

I hold his dear, and mine he cannot miss:

There never was a bargain better driv?n.

His heart in me, keeps me and him in one,

My heart in him, his thoughts and senses guides.

He loves my heart, for once it was his own:

I cherish his, because in me it bides.?

This is part of the opening verse of the poem and it shows us how fair

and just the love is. Unlike love between two humans, love between

Sidney and God is equal ? for everything given, something is received

and this keeps them close to each other forever. By thinking about

each other and being in each other?s minds and hearts they will never

be ap...

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...tudied describe a range of

emotions from extreme love and happiness to extreme sadness and

depression. The poets? use of words, metaphors, similes,

personification, imagery and punctuation all add to the overall

feeling of the poems and they help to convey the messages to the

readers. Sidney?s poem has a lot of spiritual and religious

symbolisms, Browning?s poem is heart-felt and emotive and Marvell?s

poem is persuasive as if Johnson?s. These four poets deal with the

theme of love in their poems and each of them convey the messages a

unique and interesting way. Lord Byron?s poem is gloomy and sad;

however, Rossetti and Wordsworth balance out their poems by mentioning

the good times and the bad. Although these poems were all written

during the Victorian era, their themes are universal and timeless

because as long as there is love, loss will accompany it.