The Theme Of Women In Trifles

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Wesline Eugene Mrs. Jones Essay 1 9/22/17 A Big Amount of Nothings In the story, Trifles, readers are lead by the women throughout this murder mystery search conducted by the men in the story. During the historical time period of this story, women are viewed as insignificant persons that are only available or valuable for domestic work and when these women start to find things that are essential to the crime scene, the men do not even think of these women’s findings as nothing but “girl’s stuff”. Many of the occurances in this story are not too foreign to women even in this day and age. For many years, women have dealt with injustices due to the insignificance that lie with the idea of women. Scientifically, women are weaker than the male gender but that is just a fact. Not all women, though. Every person is different and can fulfill whatever it is they think they can do but back then, for women, they were told what to do and who to marry. It was rare for a women to be independent and if they were it was either shamed upon or they were wealthy compared to other women. In this story, Mrs. Wright wants to become free of all her duties, the ones that made her lose everything that she once had and loved. Later in the story, because of Mrs Hale when she recalls all the things Mrs.…show more content…
Even if they had told them, the women thought, “Wouldn’t they just laugh! Getting all stirred up over such a thing like a–dead canary. As if that could have anything to do with–with–wouldn’t they laugh!” (740). The way the men treated the women caused the women not to want to tell them the key evidence of the crime. It is very ironic that the county attorney says, “…it’s all perfectly clear except a reason for doing it” (740), because the women actually found the reason for doing
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