The Theme Of Water In The Quran

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Moreover, God’s messengers are also themes of the Qur’an. There are many stories of the Prophets in the Qur’an. The Qur’an shows that Adam who is the first Prophet is the first human being, and the Prophet Muhammad is the last Prophet. In addition, it shows that how the Prophets suffered and faced difficulties in bringing the God’s message to all human being. However, the Prophets were patient and focusing on how to deliver the message to all people peacefully. Also, the messengers are “charged with relating and with interpreting for their people” “the history of prophecy and the fate of the nations that have passed away before them” (Madigan, 85). Furthermore, water is also a theme of the Qur’an. In “Water in the Quran” book from “Understanding…show more content…
He writes that there are many references to the fresh water in the Qur’an. Also, there are many verses which explain the benefits of fresh water. According to Abdel Haleem, the highest priority to live is drinking water. In addition, water is also a significant daily function for all Muslims. Because the daily prayers and reading or touching the Qur’an require cleansing of the body, Muslims should clean themselves. The Qur’an compares between the two kinds of water. For example, there is some verses show the difference between fresh and sea water, such as the verse of Qur’an (35:12) shows that the fresh water is sweet, and the see water is bitter and salt. Finally, the theme of water in the Qur’an proves unity, power, and existence of God, and it also proves the care of…show more content…
The story of Joseph is considered as a model of the Prophets stories. It is also a lesson to all people. Moreover, it is existent in a completed sura in the Qur’an. Joseph had eleven brothers and his father, the Prophet Jacob, loved him very much. One day, Joseph saw in a dream that eleven planets, the sun, and the moon are bowing down to him. He told his father about his vision, and his father advised him to no tell the vision to his brothers because of their jealousy. Joseph’s brothers decided to throw their lovely brother in a deep well. They threw him there, but they claimed that the wolf ate their brother. Then, merchants took him from the deep well, and sold him cheaply to the king of Egypt. The king of Egypt “Aziz” asked his wife to take care of him. Joseph became young, and the king’s wife loved him and she tried to seduce him. However, the Prophet Joseph refused her command, and he entered the prison. After many years, Joseph God showed his innocence and was released from the prison. He worked with the king for Egypt’s economy. He was a good manager in the drought
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