The Theme Of Suppression And Government In George Orwell's 1984

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Theme: Suppression/Government The novel entitled 1984 by George Orwell depicts a dystopian society where citizens are under complete control by an invisible yet superior force, labeled as “Big Brother.” In the story, the world had been divided into three assemblies, and although the novel focused on one–Oceania–it was evident that all of Earth was undergoing the same sort of totalitarian political system. It never became clear to readers or main characters just how the revolution from a Capitalist society to a dictatorship of sorts occurred, it was only clear that Big Brother was an almighty force; one not to be reckoned with. This government had gained complete control; the class system that consisted of the Inner and Outer Parties as well…show more content…
The opposite occurred, and Winstom sucummbed to the Party. In the end, what started as a hatred towards Big Brother turned into love and an infatuation with it. The beginning of the novel depicted Winston as a rebel, he wrote his hatred towards Big Brother in a diary where he was often “seized by a kind of hysteria.” He wrote that the party would “shoot me dead i dont care theyll shoot me in the back of the neck i dont care down with big brother” (19). Winston’s not so secret dissatisfaction with the Party was uncovered and in the end, after months, days, or even years of manipulation by the Party, “he had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother” (298). The drastic evolution of Winston is the most prominent example of a government being able to have complete power over people. Winston had the strongest hatred towards the Party, meaning he was the most corrupt and hardest to fix in the eyes of the government. In actuality, such strong feelings are likely to get a point across, but the government in 1984 had brainwashing powers strong enough to finally get through to Winston, suppressing his feelings and gaining complete control over
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